Providing installation and replacement of residential and commercial water heaters.


Diagnostics and repairs on all residential and commercial water heaters.


Maintenance on all types of water heaters to keep heaters healthy and free from debris to increase longevity.


Installation of water filtration products for longevity of your plumbing system and cleanliness of water.

Serving Your Water Heater Needs

Serving Your Water Heater Needs

Why SPS Plumbing

Steven Sosa

Owner, SPS Plumbing

Your water heater and plumbing usually go unnoticed and out of mind in your day to day – until it doesn’t. That’s where SPS Plumbing of San Jose, California comes in.  
We are a contracted AP Smith water heater servicer who works directly with the warranty company to ensure your water heater is running smoothly and ultimately making your home a comfortable place to be.
Whether it’s a vertex style, hybrid, tank or tankless water heater, or you need a new water heater and solid advice to decide what’s right for you – the most important thing you need to know is that SPS Plumbing is your water heater expert.
Our trucks are stocked with the most common water heater and plumbing parts and we work with local distributers to find parts quickly. All because our goal is to get your water heater running, through maintenance, repairs, water filtration or brand-new water heater installation, so that it goes back to going unnoticed.

Call SPS Plumbing today and we will solve your water heater needs.

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