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San Jose Water Heater Installation & Replacement Services

Is it hit-or-miss when it comes to hot water in your showers? It may be time to consider purchasing a new water heater, which means you could benefit from SPS Plumbers’ expert water heater installation. We can recommend the best model for your needs and budget, and can install your water heater at a time that is convenient for you.

  • Your present unit is more than a decade old.
  • The temperature of the water is unpredictably fluctuating.
  • The base of the unit is leaking.
  • The water has a strange odor or is discolored.

We are ready to serve the San Jose community and the following areas: South Bay Area, Manteca CA, and Central Valley Area! Your water heater is essential to any home and business. So we always make sure that your home is a comfortable place and keep your business running by ensuring your water heater functions efficiently. SPS Plumbing provides water heater installation and replacement in San Jose!

Our experts provide water heater installation and replacement services in San Jose for commercial and residential water heaters. These water heaters include gravity vent, direct vent, hybrid, electric, high efficiency, tankless, and boilers.

Water Heater Replacement

If your water heater functions poorly or stopped working, we check on it and then decide if it is time to replace the unit. SPS can do a water heater replacement in the San Jose area. 

The replacement services you get will include draining down, tank removal, and disposal. 

Water Heater Installation

We can install your newly bought water heater for you! We have enough top-notch equipment and personnel to install it for you. Traditional or tankless water heaters, we work with them. Just contact us and we will be there! 

Part of our package includes tank and tankless water heaters, upgrading hardware, gas valves, water flex lines, pans, and other necessary components.

Our goal is to provide you hot water when you need it the most! And a well-functioned water heater is the key! 

After serving San Jose and the neighboring areas for over 20 years, we value our clients’ opinions. We can acquire the most accurate information when it comes to purchasing a new water heater. When a water heater leaks, it is never convenient. It’s a lot to consider when you’re trying to locate the perfect product at a reasonable price that’s installed correctly and comes with a warranty. We want the process of buying a new water heater to be as simple as possible. Please take a look at our reviews to learn why our consumers rate us so highly.

Our customer says…

“Steven was really good and really helped us out by replacing our water heater that wasn’t working. He got guys to work over the weekend and worked us into their busy schedule so that we had hot water. It was a complicated AO Smith water heater replacement and these guys did a great job. I would highly recommend them.” Sindhu Peruri

Contact our water heater experts today!

Want to improve your water heating system? Our water heater experts are here to serve you! Call 408-622-8183 or 669-203-0556. Or, you can send your inquiry at info@spsplumbers.com