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Water Heater Maintenance San Jose

Are you experiencing water heater issues? There may be reasons as to why your water heater is performing this way. And one of them? It is because your unit is poorly maintained. For that reason, you need to avail a water heater maintenance service at your local plumbing service providers. This step will ensure that your water heater produces hot water all year long!

We do maintenance services on all types of water heaters to keep them healthy and free from debris to increase longevity.

Most homeowners neglect to maintain their water heater knowing the unit may run from six to ten years. But you can increase your water heater lifespan by doing regular maintenance.

An annual water heater maintenance can do wonders for your water heater. You can increase its lifespan by up to twelve years or more.

Here’s what you should know: The key to a healthy hot water system is water quality. Clean water supplied by filtration keeps debris and scale to a minimum. Regular service, system flushing, checks of burners, air intakes, and exhaust piping all add to the longevity of your unit.

Does a tankless water heater require maintenance?

Definitely! Every type of water heater requires maintenance, and that includes tankless water heaters. And, they may also need tune-ups to maintain their performance and top energy efficiency.

Plus, you can increase the lifespan of your tankless water heater if you have it maintained yearly.

We recommend you do it annually

We highly recommend having your water heater serviced annually to ensure your unit performs to its optimum. Here are other reasons why you should consider availing an annual water heater maintenance in San Jose:

  • You will be able to save money on repairs and replacements. Water heater maintenance cost is lower than the ones you spend for repair and replacement. So, once common issues like sediment buildup occur, it is advisable to contact your plumber.
  • There is less risk of water heater breakdown. Our in-house expert will tune up the water heater and check any signs of corrosion and water leakage. These signs may be the reason that your water heater isn’t functioning well.
  • Your family’s health is assured. There are numerous hazards linked to a poorly maintained water heater. So, having it maintained regularly helps in keeping the water quality healthy.
  • Lastly, so you can enjoy your hot water all year long. There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning and bathing in cold water.

To know more about annual water heater maintenance, read our blog.

Have a professional plumber do your water heater maintenance

A professional plumber has the adequate knowledge and experience to have your water heater checked and ensure that it’s functioning to its full potential.

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