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Water Heater Repair

“When my water heater died, they did a quick and professional same-day repair.“

  • A five-star review from AlexS

Are you waiting for your shower to heat up? Is it leaking? If both or both screams yes, do you suspect that it can be a problem that needs a water heater repair? Give us a call! Our customer service team can help you and refer you to one of our seasoned plumbing experts to repair a water heater in the San Jose area.

Why should you consider getting a water heater repair service in San Jose?

Simple! Because everyone deserves hot water, whether that comes from your shower or your sink.

The thing is, having a water heater is a huge responsibility. Thus, if it is damaged, it can be dangerous to you and the people you care about. A malfunctioning water heater can lead to hazards like explosions and even health issues because your water is contaminated.

And since we care about you, we recommend grabbing our water heater repair service in San Jose.

How does water heater repair work?

Whether you want to have your gas tank water heater or tankless water heater repaired, our water heater repair San Jose team is prepared to do our service.

Our plumber arrives at your home as scheduled and inspects your water heater using our voltmeter, manometer, and other specialty diagnostics. Then, he can drain the water heater tank to determine where the problem lies.

water heater service san jose ca

After a careful inspection, he diagnoses its problem. He advises you on the best way to fix your unit by replacing it with new parts or fine-tuning it. He can provide you an estimate on the cost of repair.

What if it doesn’t work?

Suppose either hot water heater repair or tankless water heater repair doesn’t work. In that case, we can recommend other remedies so you can get your hot water back. These solutions include replacing your old water heater with a new and more robust model.

For replacement, we partner with the leading water heater manufacturers that have the best quality, both commercial and residential. Here are our following partners:

  • AO Smith
  • American Water Heaters
  • Navien
  • Rheem

How should I know if I need to replace or repair my unit?

You are in luck that we have an article about this. To gain more understanding, you are invited to read and learn.

Why SPS?

Our team has the right experience and training to earn your trust for your water heater repair needs. They have undergone multiple workshops and certification classes needed for homeowners and business owners to get the repair they deserve, whether a commercial or residential water heater.

Plus, no other water heater repair expert in San Jose can offer services as fast and reliable as our plumbers. We serve at these three areas: South Bay Area, Manteca, and Central Valley Area.

Our goal will always be to ensure you get hot water when you need it the most!

“They fixed my tankless water heater, a Navien. We were having issues and didn’t know the reason; they came out and figured out the installer put the burner in as if we had natural gas, when in fact, we have propane. SPS found this, replaced the burner, and we no longer have issues. Thank you!”

  • A five-star review by Julie Sailor

For your diagnostics and repairs on all residential and commercial water heaters, call our trusted SPS plumbers. Contact us from anywhere in the San Jose Area, and we guarantee you 100% satisfaction and meet your expectations. You may contact us at 408-622-8183 if you are in the South Bay Area or 209-597-9107 if you are in the Central Calley. Request a service now!