Five Factors to Consider Before Every Water Heater Installation in San Jose

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Are you considering buying a new water heater? Winter is just a few months away, and for sure, you’ll need a hot shower to bathe into. But before you decide on making one of the most critical purchases for your home, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider before you install a water heater.

Do you really need one? Here are the questions to think about:

1. Why do I need hot water?

Every home and office needs hot water no matter the reason. Chances are, you’ll need more hot water for your hot shower during cold nights and winter. You’ll probably need more hot water when drinking your coffee or cooking. Also, you’ll need one as you wash dishes and do your everyday laundry.

In short, if you need hot water, then install a water heater.

2. Which type of water heater suits my home or office?

There is a wide range of water heating models in the market, and it is up to you which to select. You don’t really need to settle for a usual tank water heater. There are other options like tankless, solar, indirect, and many more. Just remember to weigh the pros and cons of each model before deciding.

If you have vacant space, then you may opt for a tank water heater. But if space is a problem, then you can go for a tankless water heater. But if you choose to save the planet, then you can purchase a solar water heater.

3. Does the water heater save energy?

You must ponder this question, especially if you are tired of receiving high energy bills. So, consider the efficiency rate of a new water heater. And some modern designs have higher energy efficiency.

Tankless water heaters are the best way to be the most efficient possible. And solar water heaters use less fuel to heat water. This water heater can save you more and bills and reduce your carbon footprint. So the next time you buy, think about the bills you are going to pay.

4. What is my ideal fuel type?

Gas and electricity are the most common types of fuel. And there are other types of fuel that modern water heaters are powered by like solar energy and propane.

You should consider the fuel type because the fuel will be the basis when replacing your current water heater. Looking to replace an electric water heater? Then you may want to consider a gas water heater because it can save you more energy.

However, you’ll need to choose the fuel that aligns with your needs.

5. How large or small should my water heater be?

When considering a water heater installation, you should look for the one that fits your home. Before installing your water heater, ask your contractor to conduct measurements and inspect your home so he can determine which type will fit your space.

Choosing the wrong size could result in poor energy efficiency. Which will also have a higher chance of water heater replacement. Also, the size and kind of water heater will depend on your family’s water usage.

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