Why Should You Consider a Whole House Water Filtration System?

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What is a water filtration system?

Good quality water isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when completing day to day tasks, until you start noticing it affecting much more than you thought. Water plays a significant role in our lives as well as in our home. Improved water taste, reduced allergies, longer lasting appliances, just to name a few. A whole house water filter is a filtration system that removes harmful contaminants found in our city’s water. This type of system ensures clean water throughout your home. 

How does it work 

A whole house filtration system does exactly what you need it to do. A whole house filter combines with important features to effectively remove contaminants. Your water has to go through a specific filtration system, designed for your water type, before it’s routed to your faucets.  

Benefits of whole house filtration systems 

  1. Safer drinking and cooking water
  2. Healthier baths and showers
  3. Cost effective and better for the environment 
  4. Prevents skin irritation 
  5. Reduces potential plumbing issues 

How do you know if you need a whole house water filter? 

While many times contaminants in your water can go unnoticed, most of the time it can be very apparent. Signs that you might need a filtration system can be rust stains in your toilets or tubs, discolored water, signs of sediment, pipe corrosion, or a rotten egg smell in your water. All things in consideration, it may not be as easy as looking or smelling your water to detect some contaminants. Getting your water tested is the only effective way to know if there is a problem, and how to best fix it. 

Whole house water filtration systems have many great advantages. Although whole house filtration systems might cost more upfront, you’ll end up saving more in the long run. If you’re ready to take the advantages that come with a filtration system, do not hesitate to reach out to us for an estimate or installation!

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