Is There Sediment Buildup in Your Water Heater?

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A water heater isn’t one of your first priorities until you notice your water turning
from hot to cold too quickly, then it becomes something you can’t ignore. Like nearly all
other home appliances, several things can damage your water heater over time.
Sediment buildup is one of those things.

Signs of Sediment Buildup

There are many common indicators of sediment buildup. Noises are one of the
most early indicators of buildup, hissing, sizzling and crackling sounds may occur. The
noises can typically be attributed to the burning sediment layer at the bottom of the tank.
Have you noticed your water taking a bit longer than usual to warm up before a shower?
Lack of hot water is one of the more frustrating signs. The more sediment builds up over
time, the harder it will be for your water heater’s heating element to work. Lastly, cloudy
or rustic looking water. Hot water can turn from clear to a reddish-brown due to the
minerals in sediment.

My Water Heater Has Sediment Buildup, Now What?

If you have experienced these common signs or noticed sediment buildup in your
water heater then it’s time for a flush. A water heater flush is exactly what it sounds like.
During a flush a technician will drain all of the water from your water heater tank to
remove all of the sediment accumulated at the bottom. Small amounts of sediment
buildup aren’t necessarily harmful. However, over time if your water heater doesn’t get
flushed sediment can cause your water heater to burst.

Bottom line: Talk to Your Trusted Plumbers

Water heaters are essential to ensure hot water throughout your home- as long
as they are free from sediment. Sediment buildup over time can extremely affect your
water heater’s performance such as, the ability to maintain consistent water
temperature, weird sounds and reduced water flow, which unfortunately means higher
energy costs as well. Luckily, flushing out your water about once a year could not only
ensure an improvement of heating speed and equipment life but can also reduce
operational costs.

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