6 Signs When You Need Water Heater Replacement Service

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Hot water is an everyday commodity. You simply have to turn on your water heater, and hot water pours out of a faucet or showerhead. But then, one day, you noticed that you were taking cold showers even when you had your water heater on.

So, what should you do when you have a broken water heater? What should you do to avoid recurring water heater problems? Should you repair or replace it yourself? When do you know if it is already time to replace it?

Your water heaters will experience regular wear and tear even with proper care and maintenance like any home appliance. Be alert and don’t ignore the warning signs because you might encounter severe problems in the long run. Here are the top five signs you need to schedule a water heater replacement service.

1. Your Water Heater is More than Decade.

Tank water heaters typically last about 8 to 12 years, but you can extend your water heaters service life with proper maintenance. However, an old water heater tends to cause more problems.

So, if you’ve used your water heater for over a decade, maybe it is high time to replace it. A water heater replacement service is better than spending your time and money repairing your worn-out appliance.

Since you’ve already received a great ROI, it’s time to get ahead and replace your water heater. A new water heater will be a more cost-effective and efficient decision than sticking with your old one. It can save you a lot of money on your utility bills and can heat up your water faster.

2. You’re Having Trouble with Frequent Leaks.

Water heater leaks might sound like a simple problem with an easy fix. However, if you experience leaks almost every day, that’s actually a sign of a more significant issue. Be sure to check your water heater and look for leaks since an internal problem often causes them.

Generally speaking, leaking water heaters are beyond repairable. There’s a huge tendency for your heaters to have signs of corrosion and holes, producing rusty brown water. That’s why your best bet is to call a trusted hot water heater contractor to inspect your water heater’s condition.

3. It Can’t Heat Water Like It Once Did.

Have you noticed any changes to your water heater? Is it not heating up water like before? Do you ever experience taking showers where the water grows colder faster than it used to be? A water heater replacement service might be necessary for these problems.

When your water heater’s performance declines, its parts have already worn out. Usually, the thermostat or heating element is the reason your water heater is not heating up. Before booking a water heater replacement service, you can ramp up your heater’s thermostat and see what happens.

4. You Can See a Severe Build-Up of Sediments in Your Tank.

Hard water causes sediment build-up that can potentially lead to dozens of water heater problems. Over time, sediments build and settle at the bottom of your water heater tank. When this happens, you might hear a high-pitched popping sound every time you use your water heater.

Sediment build-up happens in all types of tank heaters; when left uncleaned, it can damage your heating system and clog the drain valve. That’s why you have to flush your system once every year to prevent damage. But if you haven’t flushed your tanks for years, the severe sediment build-up in your tank might be causing more problems. It might be best to consult a trusted gas water heater technician or plumber whether you need a replacement.

5. Your Electric Bill is Inexplicable High.

Are you wondering why your energy bill is getting higher and higher every month? Your water heater might be the reason. It is burning through a lot of extra energy for some reason because it is becoming inefficient.

While your old water heaters are still functioning, they’re no longer efficient to keep. They tend to use far more gas or electricity than usual to simply get your water up to the right temperature. If this happens, a water heater replacement is your best bet.

6. You Want to Make the Switch.

Your current water heater might not be enough for your family’s growing needs. As your family grows, you will quickly notice the old heater runs out of hot water too quickly. If this is the case, it’s time to consider making the switch!

A tankless water heater is a more cost-effective solution. You don’t need to keep a tank of water. Instead, you get access to hot water on demand. However, changing into a new water system can be a hassle sometimes. So, you should probably consider same-day water heater installation or replacement service.

To Repair or Replace: What Should I Do?

Water heater repairs or replacements can be a costly investment. However, it’s essential to understand whether you can still salvage your existing water heater or ditch it for a new one.

So, now what? Should you repair or replace your water heaters? Well, the answer to this question usually depends on the nature of the damage. Sometimes, it’s not even up to you to decide if you should simply repair your water heater or replace it entirely. The first step is always to contact the professionals and have them assess the damage.

By doing so, you can save yourself all the guesswork on what needs to be done with your water heater. They can suggest innovative and cost-effective ways to solve your long-standing water heater problems.

Bottom line: Talk to Your Trusted Plumbers

There’s no doubt that water heaters offer daily comfort and convenience in every household. Water heaters are an excellent investment. A day with a broken water heater is definitely going to be a stressful day. That’s why you need to know the basic warning signs when you need a water heater replacement service.

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