How To Fix a Leaky Shower Head Caused By Clogged Holes

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If you’re experiencing a leaking shower head lately, you’ll know how annoying that is. It wastes water which can be a problem for your bill. But here’s the good news, you can fix it yourself.

How To Fix a Leaky Shower Head

A leaky showerhead is a common household problem that will only require a simple fix (depending on the cause of the problem). And clogged holes caused by mineral buildup inside may be the cause of the leak. Just follow these simple steps, and your shower head won’t leak in no time!

1. Turn off the water

Specifically, shut off the main water supply of your house. But, have a towel in hand as there could still be some water left that will come out from the pipe.

2. Remove the showerhead

Unscrew the showerhead from the pipe using your hands. If it is too tight, use pliers or a crescent wrench to unscrew the showerhead.

Look for a small plastic shower or a rubber O-ring inside the showerhead as it is usually in this area where the tear of age may come from hence, causing the leak.

3. Clean the showerhead

Since you got the showerhead off the pipe, it’s time now to clean the showerhead.

The cause of the leak may come from sediment accumulation inside. These may include dirt, lime, and minerals piling up inside the showerhead or the pipe stem. The accumulation may cause the water pressure that led to the leak.

Here’s how to clean it:

Mix water and three cups of vinegar in a small cooking pot and bring it to a boil. Turn off the heat after boiling. Then place the showerhead, without the rubber parts, into the solution and let it sit for about 20 to 30 minutes. Remove the showerhead, then rinse and scrub it using an old toothbrush. Make sure that no deposits remain.

4. Replace the worn gasket

You can install a new gasket or grommets if you think the showerhead is in good condition. Then put it back together after.

5. Seal it with tape and put it back together

Wrap the threads on the pipe system with tape if the washer or O-ring looks okay. Have a thin strip around the threads at the very tip of the pipe stem to make sure no water leaks. Make sure to not overdo it.

Push the grommets and springs into the valve body holes using a pencil. Then press and hold the valve in place. Screw it back until you can’t turn it anymore. Use pliers to give a final turn.

6. Turn On the Water

Check the leak by running your shower for a few seconds. If the problem is taken care of, you won’t be able to experience another leak anytime soon.

Contact a professional plumber

Clogged holes are one reason you have a leaky showerhead, as this is caused by the mineral buildup inside. Hence, that is why it is essential to clean your showerhead and replace the gasket when needed.

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