Water Heater Replacement or Repair in San Jose: What Should You Do?

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Last time, we discussed when to replace or repair your water heater. However, there may still be confusion as to which to do when signs of trouble show up. Yet there is more to water heater replacement and repair in San Jose that you should know about.

So for this month, we will expound on this topic to guide you on making one of the most vital decisions for your water heater. Here are three critical questions to ask when you are in the water heater replacement vs. repair dilemma.

Are you satisfied with your water heater’s performance?

In years passed, your water heater may have undergone changes. But in those years, are you still using the same amount of hot water? Will it still be able to accommodate extra loads of laundry, baths, and toilet usage? Do you have enough hot water to drink? Do you still have enough in case winter comes?

It’s time to replace your water heater when it isn’t producing hot water quick enough. Are you still that person who has to stand around for several minutes as you wait for your water to be hot enough? Or do you still plan a shower schedule so everyone can get hot water?

How old is your water heater?

Water heaters can last from six to ten years. But whether to repair or replace a water heater, that is one question to ponder.

Repair your water heater when it is still on the newer side. Of course, it isn’t practical to replace a water heater when it hasn’t hit the six to ten-year mark yet. But, there is one exemption for a water heater replacement.

Replace it when it’s rusted or corroded. Even if your water heater has not hit the ten-year mark yet, the two should be a sign that you should replace it. Corrosion and rusted water heaters can cause your water to have a reddish color. This is bad for you and your family since its water quality is dangerously low.

Replace it when it’s already more than 20 years old because it means its performance is already lower.

Is your water heater energy efficient?

If you see a sticker on the side with the estimated annual cost, then have that as your reference. This is called the R-value, an indication of how well your water heater can resist heat.

Replace your water heater when it has an R-value of less than 24. The rule of thumb is that the higher the R-value means that your hot water tank is well insulated. So less than 24 can lead to higher energy bills on your part.

You can also refer to the energy factor. This will indicate the overall energy efficiency based on the amount of hot water produced per unit of fuel consumed over a day. The following are three factors that affect the energy factor according to the Department of Energy:

  • How efficiently energy source’s heat transferred to the water?
  • The percentage of heat loss per hour from the stored water compared to the heat content of the water in the tank.
  • How much heat is lost as the water circulates through a tank and/or inlet and outlet pipes?

Remember! A higher number of energy factors means it is more efficient. But, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s less expensive annually. So in buying a water heater, you need to consider its fuel type and cost as well.

Another note! The Association of Certified Home Inspectors says that if the water heater repair cost per year is more than 10% of the hot water replacement cost, then the replacement isn’t worth it.

Ask a professional whether to repair or replace your water heater!

It isn’t enough to trust your own investigation when deciding to replace or repair your water heater. When in doubt, always ask a professional to evaluate your unit. Luckily, we have professionals to evaluate whether to do a water heater replacement or repair in San Jose.

Have a licensed plumbing company, such as SPS Plumbing, to deal with these problems. It doesn’t only guarantee quality service but also ensures that your water heater extends its lifespan. SPS Plumbing has worked with different households to repair and replace when needed. Contact us at 408-622-8183 (South Bay Area) or 209-597-9107 (Central Valley) for your water heater repair and replacement in San Jose.