When to Call a Plumber for A Water Heater Repair in San Jose?

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Last time, we discussed the benefits of hiring a professional to fix your water heater. And this week, we are going to take it a step further.

There are plumbing problems that are a quick fix (probably those that can be done by doing a simple DIY repair). But, there are problems you shouldn’t solve, these should be done by the professionals themselves. So who to call for water heater repair? A professional plumber can do a water heater repair in San Jose.

If you still aren’t sure when is the perfect time to call a plumber, this article enumerates different situations when you need to call a plumber for a water heater repair in San Jose.

1. Leaking water heater

Well, you can attempt a DIY repair. But, if your leaking hot water heater has any signs of rust or corrosion damage, then better call a professional plumber to do so. Rust is a serious problem that the expert will advise you to replace your water tank ASAP.

A professional plumber can inspect your unit and decide where or not to repair or replace your water heater.

2. Your water heater can’t produce any hot water at all.

If you realize that there is no hot water at all, then it’s time to call a plumber concerning your unit.

Your plumber will troubleshoot the issue and determine if it needs a serious water heater repair or your unit needs a replacement already.

A good plumber can determine the cause of the temperature fluctuations. When doing it alone, you can burn yourself after making adjustments. So if you think that you are at risk when doing a DIY, then have your water heater professional check various water heater parts to repair. This can include igniters, fuses, thermostats, heating elements, pipes, and many more.

3. If there is a strange noise coming from your unit.

Hear a low humming sound from your heater? Is the sound strange to you? Then call a professional for help.

The strange noise is usually caused by sediments building up at the bottom of the tank over time. This is one serious problem that needs to be addressed over time. If not, then the sediments can cause damage that could eventually lead to your water heater leaking.

4. Did your water just smell?

If you are wondering about that foul smell from your water heater, that could mean that there is bacteria or mold inside. If not addressed immediately, then this can be dangerous to you and your family. A bacteria-filled and moldy hot water can be hazardous to drink. And if used in bathing and cooking, then it can be dangerous.

Call the attention of your plumber if this happens. They can flush the water heater so it can be sanitized.

Hire a professional to check your water heater!

Doing it yourself can be dangerous when facing serious water heater issues like leaking and sediment buildup. So when in doubt, have a professional to inspect your water heater.

Have a licensed plumbing company, such as SPS Plumbing, to deal with these problems. It doesn’t only guarantee quality service but also ensures that your water heater extends its lifespan. SPS Plumbing has worked with different households to repair and replace when needed. We also install water filtration system. Contact us at 408-622-8183 (South Bay Area) or 209-597-9107 (Central Valley) today!